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Specifications endoscopic cleaning brushes

To prevent drying out and attachment of organic material, the operating channels of the used endoscope should be cleaned with endoscopic cleaning brushes as soon as possible and then disinfected. The first step to be carried out is to pre-clean manually, such as external rinsing and brushing of the endoscope. The brushing of the channels aims to remove the biofilm and human tissue remains. With these endoscopes, one must therefore always ensure thorough cleaning with these special brushes before disinfecting.

Clean with endoscopic cleaning brushes

Endoscopes used in sterile body spaces should always be sterilized with steam or ethylene oxide. In endoscopes that are naturally used in non-sterile body spaces, thorough disinfection is sufficient. Chemical disinfection by means of an endoscope disinfector is preferred.

Cleaning brushes for all brands

Our endoscopic cleaning brushes are available in all sizes for all brands and types of endoscopes. On request we will send you a table in which you can find the correct size, thickness and length of the brush you need:

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