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Endoboot endoscopy cover

The often very expensive flexible endoscopes are very vulnerable, especially during transport. To prevent costly repairs, the end-boot tip protector has been developed..

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Additional information

Weight 2-5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 80 cm

Specifications Endoboot endoscopy cover

During transport and storage, this endo-boot is pushed over the tip of the endoscope, so that the vulnerable tip is protected. The foam plastic absorbs the shocks during transport.

The balloons are packaged individually for hygiene purposes. They are delivered in quantities of 100 pieces.

Technical features

This endo-boot is suitable for all types of flexible endoscopes. Cutouts were made for two frequently used sizes. The large cutout in the middle can easily be used as a ‘hotdog in a bun’ to clamp the endoscope.

  • “Medical grade” certified latex

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