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EUS water stand-off balloons

Water stand-off balloons (EUS balloons) are indispensable when making an endoscopy. In the case of an ultrasound endoscope, the tip is provided with an echo crystal. This echo crystal sends and receives inaudible echo signals, whereby body structures are visibly imaged.

The EUS balloon is placed around the echo crystal and is then filled with water. This way optimal contact is made with, for example, the esophageal wall. In addition, the water in the balloon ensures that the echo signals are properly transmitted and collected. The water stand-off balloon is thus, together with the use of water, in fact a contact medium, just like Ultrasound gel is for the normal ultrasound diagnosis.

What is an ultrasound endoscopy?
In an endoscopy, the doctor inserts a steerable tube (the endoscope) into the body via mouth or anus. This allows him to inspect the inside of the esophagus, stomach or intestines. In ultrasound endoscopy, an ultrasound device is placed on the end of the endoscope. This device emits inaudible sound waves. The echoes of these sound waves reflect in the body. After reflection, the echoes of the sound waves are collected and converted into visible images on a monitor. Because the sound waves penetrate deep into the tissue, it is possible to get information about deeper layers of the intestinal wall and the organs around the intestine.

There are two types of echo endoscopies. The ultrasound endoscopy that is performed by mouth examines the stomach, pancreas or esophagus. There is also an ultrasound endoscopy that takes place via the anus. The doctor can then inspect the anus, rectum and / or large intestine.

Packaging EUS water stand-off balloons
Where other manufacturers package the stand-off balloons in a mini-bag (per 10 pieces), our balloons are packed individually in an easy-to-open paper-foil packaging. Guaranteed hygiene, something that is indispensable in health care.

The balloons can be applied to all equipment from well-known brands such as Fujinon, Olympus and Pentax.

The manufacturer that Tjepkema Medical Products cooperates with has been producing these water stand-off balloons for more than twenty years without customer complaints. We promise guaranteed constant quality at the most favorable price.

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Additional information

Weight 2-5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 80 cm

Specifications EUS water stand-off balloons

The balloons are packaged individually for hygiene. They are delivered in quantities of 100 pieces.

Technical features

  • “Medical grade” certified latex

Optional when ordering

  • Also in bulk packaging of 1000 pieces available for B2B
  • Any product can be designed and produced on request
  • The only product that is packaged individually (per piece) because of hygiene
  • Produced by a reputable manufacturer for twenty years

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