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Palm Bladder scanner

The Palm bladder scanner is the answer for healthcare professionals. It is a compact bladder scanner that meets all health care requirements. It is about ‘high tech’ and innovative technology. The shape and the mechanism are completely tailored to the wishes of the user and patient. It is a handy device that can be easily cleaned

The Palm bladder scanner is an easy to move device and therefore the perfect solution to move easily between different locations. The device is also easy to transport by incontinence nurses in home care.

The Palm V4.1 can also be rented. Minimum rental period 14 days, € 11.99 per day incl. VAT and demonstration, excluding pick-up and delivery.

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Additional information

Weight 10-20 kg
Dimensions 40 × 80 cm

Specifications Palm Bladder scanner

A bladder scanner measures the contents of the bladder. It allows the user to determine whether the patient should be catheterized. The urine retention of the patient can also be determined in a simple manner. We are happy to present to you the Palm bladder scanner, one of the most frequently used bladder scanners at medical institutions.

Complete bladder scanner

This device has an accurate pre-scan function with which the bladder is located. This promotes accuracy during the scanning process. The user can then centralize a digital image of the bladder using a horizontal / vertical axis. Before the bladder is scanned, one can observe the axis in a longitudinal section. With the aid of clear and simple images, the user is then guided through the scanning procedure.

Compacte blaasscanner

The scanner is compact, easy to use and has a low power consumption, which leads to a long battery life. Furthermore, the palm bladder scanner’s quality display provides clear images directly. This way one only has to perform the scan a single time.
The device also has a smart calibration function. This means that every time the device is turned on, the previous calibration is shown so that the values can be validated. The Palm leaf scanner is supplied as a complete set together with a rechargeable battery and a charger (Palm leaf scanner Total Pack).

Bladder scan suitable for every clinical environment

The scanner can function in different clinical environments:

  • For ambulatory use in a so-called Slim Case
  • On a trolley, which is adjustable if necessary

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