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VAS score ruler

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With the VAS score ruler, a patient can easily indicate how he experiences his pain. It is a way to objectify pain. VAS stands for “Visual Analogue Scale”. The product is also called pain measuring rod.

Children and the elderly (with cognitive dysfunction) can show pain intensity through images ranging from “no pain” to “excruciating pain”. In addition to the acute situation, the pain perception can also be followed in the course of a treatment. So that, if desired, the pain medication or therapy can be adjusted.

Various facial expressions are depicted on one side. On the other side there is a horizontal line of 180mm. The patient indicates his level of pain on the side with facial expressions. The physician can immediately read the score in mm on the other side. You can order the VAS score ruler in metal or plastic.

There are also swimming instructors who order the VAS score ruler from Tjepkema Medical Products. Children can use the images to indicate how great their fear of swimming is. The swimming instructor now has more information to give more specific swimming instructions. Very practical!

In terms of materials, there are two types of VAS score rulers, there is a cheap plastic version and a more expensive, solid metal ruler available. The latter is often given as a gift to nurse colleagues at work.

Specificaties Specifications VAS score ruler plastic

With the VAS-score pain level ruler, a patient with cognitive dysfunction can easily indicate how he experiences his pain. The ruler is printed on both sides and can be ordered in different materials from Tjepkema Medical Products.


  • Easy to use
  • Very objective and reliable
  • Extremely suitable for measuring pain and complaints in children
  • Handy

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  • Quality for the best price
  • Sophisticated inventory management
  • Delivery from stock
  • Collection at the location of the logistics service provider possible in consultation
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Weight 2-5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 80 cm
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