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Ampoule breaker

The ampoule breaker is the solution for simply and safely breaking ampoules. The ampoule breaker prevents the user from cutting the glass. With a simple hand movement, the top of the ampoule is easily removed. The ampoule breaker is made of sterilizable polypropylene.

The ampoule breakers are packed per 25 pieces in a white box. On the back, the use of the ampoule breaker is illustrated using clear images. This way, there can be no misunderstandings about the use of this disposable.

A box consists of 54 boxes of 25 pieces (54 × 25 = 1350 pcs). The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 2 x 54 pieces.

For bulk industrial users in particular, bulk packaging of 3000 pieces is also available.

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Additional information

Weight 2-5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 80 cm
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