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Container cover

The container covers from Tjepkema Medical Products have been developed to cover CSA transport trolleys. The covers are suitable for both the single and double (coupled variant) transport cart.

The CSA container covers have received an anti-static treatment. As a result, one CSA employee, instead of two CSA employees, can easily drape the container cover around the CSA transport trolley. This antistatic treatment is unique for such a product and it saves the CSA employees of the hospital a considerable amount of time. “Time is money” also applies here.

These container covers can be supplied in different colors. This way one can choose a “customizable” color for each intended application. Moreover, it is important to mention that these covers are made of “virgin material”, this means that it is a pure product of an unambiguous composition.

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Additional information

Weight 10-20 kg
Dimensions 40 × 80 cm
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