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Fly Cutter ®

This device, the first of its kind and still unique, offers the solution for a safe way of processing drainage bags.

The Fly Cutter® is a machine that cuts, cleans and thermo-disinfects fully automatic drainage bags, also known as “liners”. These “liners” are used in surgical operations in the operating rooms. They are connected to the vacuum system and used where blood is collected or where water flushing is used.

This Fly Cutter® is therefore an environmentally friendly way to solve the so-called “fluid management” but also a way to quickly save costs. It is very costly to have special hospital waste processed in a responsible manner. The used plastics can be reused. These materials can therefore simply be disposed of via the calibrated waste streams, which is eco-friendly.

The drainage bags are cut into pieces, washed and disinfected with steam at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius for 1 minute. At the end of this process, the drainage bag is no longer contaminated but has become a raw material suitable for recycling.

The Fly Cutter® will earn back costs in a short matter of time. On request we can send you an ROI (Return On Investment) calculation of the Fly Cutter®. The waste contaminated with blood, flushing liquids and other bodily fluids does not have to be removed via the WIVA vessels for incineration, but can simply be recycled.

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Additional information

Weight 10-20 kg
Dimensions 40 × 80 cm
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