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Ampoule breaker specifications

You can choose a label with your own details (private label) on the front of the packaging. The box is designed to be the package module, but also fits through a letterbox. Collo-module means that it concerns standard sizes for outer packaging. The package-modular system was developed on the basis of the ISO-pallet (100 × 120 centimeter), the Europallet (80 × 120 centimeter) and the roll container (60 × 80 centimeter). Based on these sizes, a packaging module with the basic size of 60 × 40 centimeters has been developed.

This compact packaging is often used by general practitioners. A package of 25 pieces takes up little space in the doctor’s case. Because this ampoule breaker can break a very wide range of ampoules, the doctor is always well equipped.

The ampoule breaker is collected directly from the injection molding machine into a PE bag. This guarantees a very clean product. The PE bag is then back in a cardboard box.

On request, there is also a sterile packaged ampoule breaker available for use in LAF cabinets.

Technical features

  • Top can easily be broken off. Sawing the ampoule, with all possible consequences, is no longer necessary
  • Suitable for ampoules of 1 to 10 ml
  • Packed per 25 pieces in a white box
  • An outer box contains 54 boxes of 25 pieces (minimum order quantity)
  • Each sterile packaged ampoule breaker also available for use in LAF cabinets

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