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Baby hats specifications

These baby hats – of surprisingly good quality – are a warm welcome for every newborn in a hospital or clinic. The hats are available in different types and at very affordable prices. Tjepkema Medical Products is the only company that has such a wide choice of baby hats for hospitals and clinics.

Baby hats do not only look cute, but also protect the baby’s head from the cold – especially in the first weeks after birth.

A baby hat is available in different colors and sizes, in some cases reversible for variety. They are made of fine soft materials. On cold winter days, we wrap a scarf around our neck and we wear a warm hat to avoid the cold. We lose a lot of heat through our heads, about 35% of all body heat. It is therefore important to keep the head warm. Newborns and babies are much more sensitive to temperature than adults. That’s why a newborn baby needs a baby hat, even when winter has not yet come.

A baby hat helps to keep the head of the newborn baby warm. The transition from the warm and humid world of the uterus to our indoor and outdoor temperature is substantial. It is therefore important to let the newborn dry immediately, keep it warm and cover it with a cloth. The baby hat then forms the ideal choice to complement the rest of the first small outfits.

Optional when ordering

  • Baby hat blue / pink (pink / blue stripe) – packed per 50th in PE bag / 10 x 50pcs / box
  • Baby hat “Peter” light blue – minimum order 250 pieces
  • Baby hat “Petra” rose – minimum order 250 pieces
  • Baby Embroidery “Embroidery” – with embroidered name / logo of your hospital, minimum quantity 2000 pieces / color

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