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Wide range of medical equipment

Tjepkema Medical Products offers a wide range of medical equipment, ranging from the Palm bladder scan, Marcato 1st line ultrasound scanner, Contec blood pressure monitor, Pulse oximeter and VAS score ruler.

Palm Bladderscan

Palm Bladder scanner

The Palm Bladder Scanner is one of the most frequently used bladder scanners at medical institutions. This bladder scanner is the answer for healthcare specialists. It is about ‘high tech’ and innovative technology. This compact scanner allows the user to determine whether the patient needs to be catheterized. The urine retention of the patient can also be easily determined.

Contec bloeddrukmeter

Contec blood pressure monitor

The Contec blood pressure monitor is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor that can measure blood pressure, saturation and pulse. Pressing the button causes the cuff to inflate. The user then sees the bottom, top pressure and pulse on a full-color display.

pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter

With the Pulse oximeter the oxygen level in the blood can be determined very easily. It is an important indicator for athletes, lung patients, mountain hikers and air sportsmen. Because the signal that the pulse oximeter receives varies in strength with the filling of the arteries, the device can also calculate the frequency of the heartbeat.

VAS-score liniaal

Vas score lineaal

Finally, the VAS score ruler is an indispensable tool with which a patient can easily indicate how he experiences his pain.

Tjepkema Medical Products has a wide range of quality medical products. Personal service is our priority.

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CSA / CSR producten

Tjepkema Medical Product has an extensive range of CSA products. You can contact us for container covers, endoscopic cleaning brushes, The Fly Cutter®, Smiley covers, OK sleeves, oil pens and the Endo boot tip protector.

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You can contact Tjepkema Medical Products for various medical disposables. Our assortment consists of, ampoule breakers, carpule syringes, Fast Find Grid, baby hats and tourniquet.

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Water stand-off balloons (EUS balloons) are indispensable when making an endoscopy. In the case of an ultrasound endoscope, the tip is provided with an echo crystal. This echo crystal sends and receives inaudible echo signals, whereby body structures are visibly imaged.

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Nova Medica

The Nova Medica bandage and medicine carts are very compact and flexible sorting of products in the carts is easy. Whether you want to work with ISO medicine bins, drawers or with extendable frames, the Nova Medica cars are your best bet.

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