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Specifications Contec blood pressure monitor

The Contec blood pressure monitor is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor that can measure blood pressure, saturation and pulse. Pressing the button causes the cuff to inflate. The user then sees the lower number (Diastolic), upper number (Systolic) pressure and pulse on a full-color display. On the same display, the connection of the saturation probe directly provides information about the oxygen saturation of the blood. The overview below contains all the specifications regarding the blood pressure monitor.

The meter comes standard with:
adult cuff, saturation probe (adults), software disc, Dutch manual, USB cable for connection with PC and 4 AA batteries.

Technical features

  • Measurement method: oscillometry/li>
  • Measuring position: upper arm
  • Measuring range: blood pressure: 0 ~ 290mmHg (0 ~ 36.0kPa), wrist range: 40 ~ 240bpm, Spo2: 35% ~ 100%
  • Measuring accuracy: blood pressure: ± 3 mmHg, wrist: ± 3%, Spo2: ± 2% in the 70% ~ 100% range

OOptional to order

      • Children’s cuff
      • XXL Cuff
      • Kinder probe
      • Child probe
      • AC adapter
      • An AC / DC Adapter
  • Large full color LCD screen
  • Includes SPO2 probe for an oxygen saturation measurement
  • Between the screens you can switch from blood pressure measurement to saturation measurement
  • 100 measurements can be saved from 3 patients
  • Measurement adjustable for adults, children and newborns
  • Alarm adjustable
  • Warning on screen in case of incorrect measurement
  • Standard supplied cuff adults 22-32 cm circumference upper arm
  • Connection to the computer for data storage, making analyses, trend graphs and printing a report
  • >Battery status is visible in the screen. ‘Low batttery’ warning

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